"We will never be able to touch our future unless we keep in touch with our past. "


For over Five decades, the firm of General Preservation Corporation has been succcessfully restoring the nation's historic buildings. What began as a small, local enterprise has grown through the years in size and scope of projects, geographical work area and number of personnel. Working closely with numerous historical societies, the company has meticulously restored buildings across the United States, as well as multiple projects such as the restoration of the town of Roscoe Village. The majority of the buildings completed by G.P.C. are listed on the "National Register of Historic Places." You can find a sample of these on our National Register of Historic Places page.


Masonry Preservation
Masonry Cleaning
Stone & Brick Replacement
Water Repellent Treatment
Stone Consolidation
Copper & Metal Roofing
Slate Roofing
Tile Roofing
Cornice Preservation
Ornamental Wood Preservation
Ornamental Metal Preservation
Painting Services
Steeple Preservation
Tower Preservation
And more


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